MammaSusan Här & Nu!

Live in Sweden, Married since -05, -00 anniversary, two wonderful children, two little doggies, child-minder from the beginning, but now also a teacher. Through the years, -03 to -13, we have gone through infertility investigations, IVF, adoptions you name it. After 18 early miscarriages through out the years it seems like were having a third miracle, by my stomach. I'm pregnant once again 😊 with a baby boy arriving in october ❤️! Welcome to join us on our journey!

Big difference in only 6 days! My belly is getting lower already 😊❤️ hope he will arrive a bit earlier than the 23 of October….

New week and It’s 34!! 😊❤️

Our midwife told me yesterday that I’m “not allowed” to give birth before our next appointment (17/9) 😉 so I think she might know that our baby could be coming a bit early…..just hoping….and she told my husband It’s a really good idea for him to work close from home now incase we need to go 😊👍



OMG someone was just telling me this

Love it

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😂😉 pregnant week 33 soon week 34 😊 mirror images
New week again 😄 time flies!

Baby moving around in week 31 (31+5)

Still growing 😉🙈

Drawings made by our 5-year old son 😊❤️

Ska inte klaga även om det gör ont här & var emellanåt så försvinner det inom kort…